International Scarf Exchange Exhibition September 2015

The photos from our International Scarf Exchange Exhibition!

What an amazing weekend and we were so delighted to have so many local, interstate and international visitors.  It was obvious that a lot of work and imagination has gone into this years pieces and congratulations to all the participants.

The Opening Morning Tea on Friday was lovely and we enjoyed the participation of Rachel Thomas, President of Peppermint Grove Shire, and Ron Norris, Mayor of Mosman Park, who was kind enough to give us some background on the Peppermint Grove Library where we were fortunate enough to have held the exhibition.  The morning would not have been complete without the attendance of our lovely Patron, Mrs Ruth Reid.

A huge thankyou also to those who took the time to help us assemble the exhibition and then dismantle it again.  Last but certainly not least we thank the staff of The Grove Library for their unfailing help and kindness over the last couple of days and in particular Lance Hopkinson and Debra Burns who were instrumental in enabling us to use this lovely and modern facility.