Member Benefits


Our Library has over 2,000 books and magazines on weaving, spinning, felting, knitting, crochet etc, for members use.

A crate of books can be made up for affiliated Groups on request.  These books may be exchanged mid-year or retained for a year. (Postage, if needed, will be at the group’s expense.).

Yarn Area

We have an extensive yarn area where members may purchase yarns for weaving, wool tops, and other fibres for spinning, commercial cotton, novelty fibres and wool for knitting/crochet.

Yarns are sourced from overseas as well as locally and from the Eastern States.

Equipment Hire

The Guild equipment, including carders, drum carder, various spinning wheels, electric wheels and dye equipment, is available for use by members.

The Library, Yarn Area and Equipment Hire are available during General Meetings on the 2nd Saturday of the Month.  It is open from 10am.

Continued Learning  & Development

Our members are only too glad to pass on their knowledge during our fortnightly gatherings or at other meeting times.  We happily provide beginners, or those wanting to hone their skills, with advice and a hands-on spinning lesson.

Access to Informative Workshops

Throughout the year we run classes and workshops on various topics such as spinning, weaving, dyeing and fibre preparation.


A time to get together and share our craft. The Guild has a major spin-in every 2nd year on an odd year with raffles, prizes, craft suppliers and catering.  There are also numerous spin-ins held by our affiliated groups at various locations throughout the state.  Please check our events for further information.

Monthly newsletter to keep up to date on our Guild and the wider crafting community.

Links to other fibre groups and crafters regionally, nationally and throughout the globe.