Knitting & Crochet

Knitting originated in the Middle East around the 5th century AD. It is believed this skill then made it’s way into Spain and Italy and then into the rest of Europe. By about the 12th century AD Knitting Guilds were established – first in France and then throughout Europe. They were highly prestigious and membership was exclusively male. To gain membership one had to pass a series of skill tests as an apprentice, then journeyman before ultimately being promoted to Master after 6 or 7 years of study.

Today we welcome everyone and accommodate all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

The origins of Crochet are widely debated but it appears that it was first referenced in its current form in the mid 1800’s in France. When and wherever it came from we’re just happy to be able to enjoy it with you.

We meet at APCH on the Guild’s General and Spinning Days as follows:

9.30am to at least 1.30pm every 2nd Saturday of the month except January.

9.30am to at least 1.30pm every 4th Saturday of the month except January and December

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